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rethink implements CA data replication

Working with Acorro the charity looked at a number of options and finally settled on an infrastructure optimization solution from CA.

CA’s recovery management solution, which is based on CA WANSync, enables asynchronous data replication across all of Rethink’s systems, including finance, human resources and fund-raising.


For its Microsoft Exchange environment, the charity has deployed a high availability version of the solution, which provides real-time continuous replication of employees’ emails as well as automatic failover.


As well as enhancing disaster recovery, the solution also provides Rethink with added backup protection, as Naidoo explains, “Although we carry out local daily backups, CA’s recovery management solution can be used to restore part of a file if we encounter any problems with our tapes or data corruption.”


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If we lose access to systems and data for any length of time, then it can have a major impact on our fund-raising and campaigning efforts as well as operational efficiency.


Donovan Naidoo

Head of ICT for Rethink


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