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As part of the Focus group one of the largest independent providers of business mobile solutions in the UK, we have  access to a wide-range of bespoke tariff packages and pricing

Group Packages


A ‘group’ tariff is the most popular option when looking for a business mobile package. These tariffs are ideal as they typically include a pool of minutes and text messages that can be shared across the entire fleet of mobiles each month.

Benefits include:


Flexible minute and text message allowances that can be adjusted if usage changes over time


Calls between company users and standard landline calls are typically free of charge and not deducted from monthly allowances

Single User Plans


Single user plans are becoming more popular with businesses that want the freedom of unlimited calls & text messages and a larger monthly data allowance. Benefits



Unlimited standard calls and text messages


Larger GB data allowance each month, perfect for 4G and tethering

Easy to manage, as each user is simply billed separately for any ‘out-of-bundle’ usage each month.

Mobile Broadband


A range of mobile broadband tariffs from all the UK’s major network providers.


This is typically provided via a free of charge USB dongle or ‘MIFI’ unit, or by inserting a pre-programmed sim card straight into a tablet device. Benefits include:


High-speed 4G data on the go for work or entertainment

Perfect for disaster recovery or temporary ‘pop-up’ offices

Usage caps available to prevent unwanted ‘bill-shock’

Mobile Handsets

We offer a full range of mobile handsets, from the very basic right up to the latest high-specification smartphones and tablet devices.

24/7 Fault Reporting

24 Month Warranties

Next-Day Fault Exchange

Handset Recycling

Full Technical Support

Mobile phone Solutions




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