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MPLS connects your multiple sites with seamless  voice and data


Creates a private network between  multiple  sites to  enable  them to  communicate using  day to day  business  applications such as  email,  file transfer,  database queries,  voice  calls or video.


This project proved to be a great success, all our objectives were met, with no disruption to our day to day banking operations.


As a result of this exercise we have achieved our key objectives of clear, concise billing, reduction in costs and consolidation of our entire telecoms infrastructure 


Demetris Demetriou

IT Operations Manager

Bank of Cyprus UK

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Using MPLS technology we can create a converged network solution which will let you put your data, voice, and multimedia traffic through a single platform with a single supplier.

Ideal for any size business

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Having a single network for all your applications results in reduced costs and improved operational efficiency. Voice over IP(VoIP) can provide free calls between business and extend the business network to all your home users enabling secure remote access for telephone calls and data acces.

Use one network for telephones and computers

MPLS - Multi Protocol Label Switching





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An MPLS IPVPN is ideal for organisations with multiple sites and remote workers, wherever they are across the UK.

It’s a perfect solution for businesses that need a secure way to connect sites with high-volume data transfer

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