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Les Ambassadeurs audits and identifes its legacy lines and circuits

Les Ambassadeurs is in the process of building works that require certain areas within the building to be refurbished. These areas house a number of legacy BT telephone line distribution boards and live incoming telephone lines which  need to be relocated. Unfortunately the nature of the business meant downtime was almost impossible. The lines were also in use which made the project even more complex.


In addition to this there is a redundant telephone equipment that needs to be decommissioned. As with most organisations expanding over time, there are no records or documentation as to the exact location and function of the BT lines or equipment.


The majority of the telephone lines are in use, so in order to relocate them, these lines will first need to be identified.


This is a very intricate and painstakingly slow process, as over the years the buildup of cabling has made it virtually impossible to know where a telephone line is physically located without tracing it back and using oscillation equipment to determine its function.  It will take our specialist engineering team with the specific skills in legacy analog lines and equipment to trace these lines and document them.


However, once this identification process was  completed, the IT team will have  all the existing live analog BT lines installed to a patch panel in a single location to the IT room of their choice. Making future managment of any lines very simple.


Once we removed the redundant equipment from existing wall locations the legacy BT distribution boards can then be disposed of along with the redundant BT norstar telephone system.



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